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"Some people wright something deep or motivating in their Bio,but I'm just too lazy for that"
This User has an inconsistent upload schedule and doesn't even know what to do half of the time,so be aware of that when you follow!

Hi,I'm Kirbcicle but anyone who remembers me knows me as Japtic.
Age:15(kinda forgot to update that)
Favourite game:Still A hat in time
HUGE Kirby fan
I still do pixel art and it's much better now than it was before.
I also make Music now!
Mainly covers of game songs.
I'm a dumb**s who uses Ableton and doesn't only have 8 instruments in one song, because I started to use my brain.
I have a PS4,my Wiiu in the attic and a newcomer:my Gaming PC(which is also used for school stuff,because of quarantine.)
I also have a Switch now!

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