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Most people won't read this but...

I'm german, I can speak english also... Maybe not perfect but good enough.

I'm a super honest Person that's not always social, I mean my words and I'm not easy to handle.

I love PvE games... I have some PvP games but I'm not very good.

I can "teach" you german... Maybe not everything since I don't have the patience to do that but still... Some ^^

I will indeed troll you with speaking german sometimes...

My sleeping schedule is broken, I'm online almost all the time too. So just dm me whenever you wanna play/talk with me.

I don't have friends ~^O^~

I'm kinda weird sometimes. I know weird stuff and you can't make me flinch. Bet.

So... If you read this:

All I gotta say is "Wow!"

I'm really thankful... If you wanna be extra nice, please dm me saying "Chonky Penguin" so you can indicate me you read this clusterf*ck of information!

Have a great day! And if you're in a bad situation... I hope you get better! :)

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