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I guess I'll stay...so let's give you my real bio!!! You can call me Kelly and most people call me a Tsundere which is 100% right, I'm white and say the n word (dont hate kid lol) and I can be sad from time to time and if you dont like that then theres nothing in your way from you leaving!

My Master-LsWinter


I love meh cornbread

I like to roleplay so if you wanna then just feel free to pm me

Favorite Music Artist-
Ryan Upchurch
Adam Calhoun
Who TF Is Justin Time

Favorite Songs-
Hank Hill by Ryan Upchurch
Llewellyn by Ryan Upchurch
Home of the Brave by Adam Calhoun
The 2nd Amendment by Who TF Is Justin Time

Yes I call my followers skins, Hollar Boys and Hollar Girls (so I do copy upchurch but I'm sure he wouldent mind :D)

"You can find me on a dusty old back road
(Back road)
Partying with Librals like me"
Hillbilly Heaven by Charlie Farley

Part of ERT
Recruit Leader-EmyR6

Most people on this app hate me but it dont affect me lol

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  • Joined Moot March 1, 2020

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  • https://moot.us/@ZeroTwo


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