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[Rigster] at your service

6am cause thats when i wake up and get to see my lovely characters and thats the time where i buy daily packages.

Lucid Adventure Feb 25, 2020, 05:39 PM
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Tips (with pictures) IGN: Rigster

IGN: Rigster
1. Use your stamina all the time,level is important on this game.

I say this because your level equivalents to the max level your heroes can be.

2. Even if you think your going to lose keep going to sky garden, the stage gets easier the more you die, the gain a debuff.

3. Always do the material dungeons. Why? Because this

Can turn into this .

4. Do arenas too even if you keep losing you still get honor points.
Even if your not in the rankings you still get this at monday seever time.

And sometimes honor shop sells promote stones

5. Lime is a good healer (50$)

6. Do daily missions everyday.

7. Tribute from Dark's village caps at 24 hours

8. Be careful when your going to use your promote stones. (promoting will boost alot of cp)
8.a. You can extract unwanted A+ souls into soul essence
8.b. You can use soul essence to buy A+ souls that you want/need

9. Enchant your good gears with good scrolls because like what i showed with the picture a while ago , items gives alot of cp and stats.

10. Froggy's shop: its worth buying the gold items from inside, mostly materials for crafting. When u reach level 30 you will unlock ego sword he eats rare or higher grade equips you dont need.

joining a guild will help you alot, campfire system(free 150 stamina [max]) + stats buffs
Use money to be stronger :)

Tips (with pictures)   IGN: Rigster   +5
Lucid Adventure Feb 12, 2020, 10:53 PM
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