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Does anyone know how to fix when I try to send a comment or post under the Fortnite Tab it says No permissions does anyone know how to fix that?

ASKED BY: Pulsze Gaming
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Question do you'll want to play duos

if you do add my account its predater1213

ASKED BY: gamer855243372
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Question Unvaulted game mode

What do you think about the unvaulted game mode in fortnite?

ASKED BY: Syn_aimbot_jr
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Question do u have a Fortnite boyfriend

ASKED BY: slippywrld999
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Question Whos the beat fortnite duo ?

ⁱ ʳᵉᶜᵒⁿ ᶜˡⁱˣ ᵃⁿᵈ ᵐᵒⁿᵍʳᵃˡˡ 🙂

ASKED BY: ryanisbald ⌫
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Question How can i get better at editing on keyboard and mouse

ASKED BY: Auvare
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Question What is your favorite season of fortnite?

ASKED BY: Jonathan DeRosier
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Question Who Likes Fortnite Youtube Channel's

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Question What season did you start

I started season 1

ASKED BY: iced sugar
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Question Whats the best gun? Yellow AR Yellow Heavy AR

Well i need help to choose

ASKED BY: Faze_Bugs
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Question Want to join a FN Esports Clan that joining with my link really helps me out?

__**Introducing Team Aqua We are Team Aqua, an uprising gaming organization, established as of December 2019. What we OFFER: -Recognition -A Fast Growing Org -Tournaments -Contracts -Clan Battles -An Active Community Socials: 》3k Youtube 》5k Discord 》8k Twitter Looking For: 》Management 》Promoters 》Players (FN, COD, VAL, RL & R6) 》Content Creators DM For Server Invite & More Info!**__

ASKED BY: Aq_AlfaDawg9er9er
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Question Alright its not really a question

If anyone gamer girls or gamer guys wanna play minecraft Java, i dont have realms but we could chat on here and i you could join one of my servers or minecraft on ps4, then just message me, since moot shutting down ill write my instagram as well if you prefer that instead. I do not have discord unfortunaltey :( theres just a lot of toxic people on there and i dont wanna get involved. My ps4 User is Mid_Night4231, and my Instagram is Lamp_master219

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Question Need a clan dm me!

Need a clan dm me

ASKED BY: Not Flow On YT
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Question Spoiler Do you want need a clan join me

Com on join my epic is bkrex91

ASKED BY: Bkrex91
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Question Streamers

Do other small streamers support each other?

ASKED BY: Sniperheisman
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Question Any Decent size clans out there that has a Instagram Clan Page?

I’m a Creative map maker and I have been making pvp maps for over a year now. I’m trying to get 1k on Instagram so I can get a sac so I need a clan with a lot of clout. I’ll make your clan any type of pvp map.

ASKED BY: SevenKnows
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Question Anyone need a Arena Duo partner??

idc about how much arena points you have

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Question Anyone selling a pc that can run 240 fps on fortnite for cheap around 1000$? Lmk

ASKED BY: ySolars
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Question I'm looking to join an org that pays for fortnite let me know asap thanks.

ASKED BY: ySolars
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Question I need a clan/team who has 1


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Question How many solo wins do you have

How much wins you have in fortnite solo

ASKED BY: Dr Mobile Gaming
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Question What rank are you

What rank do you have in fortnite

ASKED BY: Dr Mobile Gaming
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Question Favorite BR Game🎮

What is your favorite battle royale game? And why do you choose it over the rest?

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Question Can any fortnite clans or players give me clout on IG? In exchange I will make you a pvp map

Of your choice. My IG is svnknows. I’m a fortnite Creative Builder and I’m trying to get a creator code so will need 1k on Instagram.

ASKED BY: SevenKnows
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Question TRYOUTS

Anyone down to tryout for my pro team open tryouts.

ASKED BY: jiinxx
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Question who on this app plays brawlhalla?

i personally really like the game, does anyone else?

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Question Should I make a object show

If I get least likes then I get to create the object show and if I get the most dislikes then I don't have to create the object show Also voting ends in nine days

ASKED BY: Austin plays
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Question What is your Favorite skin in Fortnite? I think Tinsile toes is my favorite.

Im curious on what your favorites are! 💖

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Question What’s the best thing about the new update in Fortnite?

ASKED BY: sunflower.sara
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Question Need fortnite friends 🥺😫

My epic is JuJu Loaf

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Question Trying to grow my discord

If you play among us I’m looking for more people to join my discord to get games going we already have 227+ people in here who play a lot of games just trying to get my among us lobby’s lore consistent !

ASKED BY: Ohhlucifer
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Question Anyone wanna tryout for BC(Xbox)Unless cross-Plat

Im tryna find some clan members and If you do comment what game and Username in that Game

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