Question Any Mobile Terraria Gamers want to join my completion of terraria server?

If so pleas click this link and use my code @alfadawg9er9er on my omlet arcade chat text "can i join " in chat. Also if you are interested I will add you to the discord :

ASKED BY: Aq_AlfaDawg9er9er
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Question Anybody play 2k21 with a zen pls answer so we can play basquetball godz

ASKED BY: David_2154
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Question Need help farming norman bates for the cutsman (any level no mayhem)

I'm still only level 22 on my zane character and I need help farming norman bates for a corrosive cutsman you can have the spoils unless it is a legendary snowdrift relic (Gamertag is Creative_Id123)

ASKED BY: Khalell Robinson
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Question Why would you join a gaming community?

If you had the option to join a gaming community, what would be the reason for joining?

ASKED BY: Naomi's Dragons
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Question Whats my Favorite song?

ive hinted to it so many times. ive comented the artist on many music post. (hint theres only 2 words that make up the sonng title)              

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Question Video ideas

I am a new youtuber that has 3 rainbow six videos out and the channel name is my moot name and I make videos with 2 of my mates and its so funny you will all enjoy it. anyway I am looking for video ideas to because I really want want to get more videos out soon so any suggestions feel free

ASKED BY: ThatLadOwen
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Question Anyone selling a pc that can run 240 fps on fortnite for cheap around 1000$? Lmk

ASKED BY: ySolars
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Question overcooked 2

overcooked 2 isn’t a game that i can post on here, i’m guessing because not many people play it. but i really want friends to play with so if you’re on playstation and want to play let me know :)

ASKED BY: al1cedj
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Question What is your resolution for 2021

What is your resolution for 2021
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Question Looking for a Silver stack that wants to push to gold

add me on discord if your interested :D   DylanYT#2132

ASKED BY: Cyclone Dylan
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Question Which operator do you main on Attack/Defend? 🤔

Personally my mains for Attack/Defend are: Attack- Gridlock Reason: gridlock is a super OP operator if you put your mind behind her play style the fact she has 3 of her abilities makes her very versatile and can prevent defending from either stopping the secure or stopping them from getting to defuser on time... Defend- Ela Reason: Ela is super OP because like gridlock you have to use your brain to fully grasp her I started saving 1-2 Grizmont Mines with me and roam aggressively as I use my mines as a way of stunning them in there tracks and getting me a possible kill if not more then one! Rather then leaving them in Obj and I get picked off roaming because I had nothing to take them on running with a spare or two mines makes a difference in your survival rate

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Question What songs should I get for my new phone

I like 90s to early 2000s rap and 60s to 90s rock I can also do dubstep and pretty much anything gaming related

ASKED BY: LordVeximus#6170
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Question What games are you hyped for in 2021?

I'm hyped for Halo Infinite

ASKED BY: Mrs. Pepega
What games are you hyped for in 2021?
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Question Would anyone like to join a community?

Its called xiled gaming network, with over 3,000 members in and still growing. The only requirements are you have to be 16+ and you need a gamerscore of over 1,000 you need to have 25+. We are not a skill based community we play competitively and casually. If you would like to join please message me on xbox my gamertag is XGN Heaven.

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Question I will reward you handsomely with 200 moot coins if you follow me on Instagram (text me)

ASKED BY: Mighty_Poutine
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Question Who is your favourite shield opporator | 500 moot coin giveaway

Hello there! And welcome to the 500 moot coon giveaway! Instructions: Comment your fav shield op in r6 and why Hint! More detail for a better chancr of winning This giveaway wil be closed in 2 weeks

ASKED BY: Flynn Bridges
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Question Will I reach 250 subs before 2021?

will I? haters will say no.

ASKED BY: BlazerBeam_YT
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Question Pokémon GO: Legacy Level 40 AMA

When starting out, you had no idea what you were doing, right? It's alright, we all start at the same point. Hopefully this will be of use to you, so you can also become the very best that no one ever was. Beginning (Level 1-24): -Catch EVERYTHING. It doesn't matter if you want it or not. -Only battle gyms with low HP or with friends -Don't waste your potions/revives on weak Pokémon -Send the same group of 20 friends gifts daily -Before you get Ultra & Best friend use a lucky egg for 100k & 200k xp respectively -While lucky egg is active, mass evolve Pokémon for even more XP -Learn to use the filters, folders and PokéDex -Start developing a PVP team of 3 Middle (Level 25-39): -Takeover gyms at night before bed, trust me -Participate in as many Mega raids and 5* raids as possible -Obtain a gold gym badge for every gym nearby for increased items -Golden razzberries are ONLY for legendaries and Pokémon that are rare, hard to catch, and fully evolved ie: Lapras, Metagross, Tyranitar, Haxorus, etc. -ALWAYS use incense during CD's (community days) -If your phone is compatible, get the Go PLUS or the Got-Cha (auto catch/spin bracelet ONLY uses Pokéballs) End (Level 40-50) -Honestly, just take your time expanding your Pokémon and bag storage -2,000-3,000 Pokémon storage and 1,500-2,000 item storage will help you -Stockpile premium passes for Darkrai, Mega Rayquaza and Mega Mewtwo X & Y -Shadow Mewtwo with Psychic & Psystrike is the best DPS without mega evolving -Battle in any league while at home for even more rewards -Don't burnout, take breaks when you need to -If you're not having fun anymore, reevaluate your playstyle and rediscover what got you to love the game -It will take years for the average player, be patient and try to knock out those level up tasks efficiently -Lucky eggs + friendship bonus will carry you the rest of the way so keep on sending gifts

Pokémon GO: Legacy Level 40 AMA
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Question R6 siege - 20 moot coin giveaway

If you leave a comment on this post you will have a chance to win 20 moot coins! WHAT TO DO: Leave a post describing what you fave gamemode is for casual TIPS: the most detailed answer will win

ASKED BY: Flynn Bridges
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Question What's 100 11 + 2000 + 1600 + 45 + 665 + 2.4 865 dollars equal

Don't answer that

ASKED BY: Austin plays
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Question What is the best game in 2020?

For me is cyberpunk 2077

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Question I wonder if anyone is willing to get me the buffy sugo explosion for a somewhat cheap price.

Title says it all but my birthday is coming up soon at the 24th Dec and I've been looking at this goal explosion for as long as it's been out, as I personally am a fan of anime which the goal explosion has a hint of. I thought I'd have a go on here as the messaging is down on the trading sites. Also I'm not expecting anything just thought it'll be nice. Have a good day and Christmas everyone 👍

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Question Anyone trying to play

I only have 21500 trophies tho Also my WiFi might be pooping and i am currently playing on an old but also not to old device

ASKED BY: SomeWeirdo899YT
Anyone trying to play
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Question Trying to grow my discord

If you play among us I’m looking for more people to join my discord to get games going we already have 227+ people in here who play a lot of games just trying to get my among us lobby’s lore consistent !

ASKED BY: Ohhlucifer
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Question What one is best?!

-Ps4 -Ps5 -Xbox X -Xbox One -Xbox S -Xbox 360 -Pc -Pc 2

ASKED BY: Yvsleyen
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Question Wanna Join discord?

Heyo I have a small community discord that I want to grow if you know about bots come join I could always use your help. I play all sorts of games if you find I game I don’t have a role for we can see about making a custom role for it. In addition to this, I am trying to stream, and playing with friends makes it worth it for me. I recently have been playing Destiny 2, Genshin Impact, and Apex so if I go live don’t be afraid to ask if you can join. Also, this discord is, M+ plus as my stream(if you a kid don’t mention age), anyway also LGBTQ+ friendly, More beginner-friendly but if you experienced don’t be shy. Hope to see you in my community and welcome newcomers.

ASKED BY: MrNeonGreen
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Question Are you a competitive player if so ?

1st How active are u on rogue and discord? 2nd Are u serious about going competitive and putting time into the game? 3rd What region? 4th What platform do you play on? 5th last question how old are you?   these questions are to be answered in my dms  

ASKED BY: Local Waffle
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Question Can I reach 50 followers before 2021?

ASKED BY: BlazerBeam_YT
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Question Don’t have anyone to play with ?? Than come join our 4,000+ community😁

Join our community and always have someone Just one message away! We strive to have a nontoxic , fun, chill environment ! All you need is to be 16+ , a discord account and either a PC, XBOX, or PlayStation!

Don’t have anyone to play with ?? Than come join our 4,000+ community😁
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Question What month in 2022 with the fnaf movie(Mike) come out?

ASKED BY: atlock34
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Question Yooo if i hit 200 subs by the end of the night ill pay everyon e 5 dollars each go click the link

ASKED BY: Emoneyz12
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Question Cod Cold War clan??

Y’all wanna join a clan on cod Cold War? We’re ranked 2nd

ASKED BY: WhiteLightning
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Question Anyone down to play the Division 2

Hey just a normal guy looking to make some online friends. Let me know if you’re interested. Lady’s and gents are welcome plus all of the above.

ASKED BY: Astro Pizza
Anyone down to play the Division 2
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Question Who's hyped for the platformer game mode thats coming in 2.2

ASKED BY: GiochildTheEggu1243
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Question Need coach

I need a coach for Apex that has been in Diamond or higher in the past 2 seasons

ASKED BY: Jrobis06
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Question How to get better

So I just started about 2 days ago and I'm wondering how do I get better at this game. can someone plz reply

ASKED BY: EvilGamer999
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Question What games are you excited for in 2021

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Question How 2 breath???

I was vibing in my fridge with my foot in a toaster but I forgot how to breath???? Please help???

ASKED BY: Lol that was funny
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Question Do you want other mature adults to LFG with?

Me too. The modding, arguing, and whatever other problems get old. Bickering and fighting in the lobbies. People leaving before completing the first task. *sigh* I really just want to play the game. 🤷‍♀️ I'm 27 and seeking other (preferably female) streamers to play with. Being a streamer is not a requirement! It is just a preference. Over all, anyone is welcome if you're kind. I have my moments, but generally I'm just a giant love bug. Come play among us with me 😍

ASKED BY: ttv_Kaceymon
Do you want other mature adults to LFG with?
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Question What season did you start playing fortnite?

I got it on my xbox the day battle royale was released but didnt start playing until the beginning of season 2

What season did you start playing fortnite?
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Question I'm new to PC... Anyone down to just chill?😌 talk? I promise I dont bite...

I'll play anything... except 2k... dis me btw

ASKED BY: Tɾυ Aɯҽʂσɱҽɳҽʂʂ
I'm new to PC... Anyone down to just chill?😌 talk? I promise I dont bite...
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Question Halloween gameplay ideas 🤔

Hi champs I am thinking about making a halloween vid what would u like to see? A) Some old game like Amnesia or Outlast 🎃 B) Some new game like WTTG 👻 C) FNAF?!?! 😄🤷‍♀️ D) Naah I have better game 🤔 DM me with ur idea Thaaanks and LUV UU ALL ❤️

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Question What PC Should I get?

I'm considering getting a PC to play Apex, Destiny, Seige, etc. I'm not sure what to get 😅

ASKED BY: KaijaRae
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Question What type of pc do i get?

Im trying to get a pc with a budget of 200-300 Maybe 500 but probably not, what would you suggest? If you want to help with the money problem i stream and if you donate that would be appreciated😀👍

ASKED BY: Stale1sprite
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Question Who wants to play some nioh 2

Dm me if ur down

ASKED BY: Zero 02
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Question who wants to join our 2k20 clan?

ONLY superstars 3s (must be close to elite1) and elite 1s allowed and must be positive with name change

ASKED BY: icantclan
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Question What contents do you wish to see me play in summer break 2021?

ASKED BY: Ward Swagg gameplays
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