Question Worst operator on attacker and defender.

Name of the op and why? Ps: dont talk about one shot headshot stuff, i know lmao, im talking about the usefulness,gadget wise,guns, rotation, and overall performance for any situations, positive and negative, etc. U know what i mean. Dont answer if u are just gonna say, one bullet to ur head and ur dead.

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Question Rainbow six? ( pc ) 18+

I'm new and I would like to make some gaming friends! ^^ I'm not good at playing rainbow six but I still enjoy to play it! I'm a little shy 😶

ASKED BY: SmolShadowMaster
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Question Ghost recon wildlands

Really need help in ghost recon wildlands! My discord is EldestCord#6830

ASKED BY: EldestCord
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Question elite skins

i want to know if elite skins change hitboxes

ASKED BY: Xx_JoshAyre_xX
elite skins
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Question flickshot with bandit 😍

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ASKED BY: _s70rms
flickshot with bandit 😍
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Question Got any idea why?

I play The Division 2 on PS4 and it will not let me go to New York even tho I am world tier 5 and I have the pass

ASKED BY: underratedwoIf
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Question You can add any elite and design it to R6, what do you do?

Ubisoft give you the choice of adding any operators elite skin in and designing it yourself who do you give it to and what does it look like, what is it’s name and what is the gadget’ weapon skin, animation etc.

ASKED BY: Saxxon
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Question Quick lean?

Do you think they should bring back quick leaning? I absolutely loved doing it and i know that it gave a disadvantage to the person you were shooting at but still took sometime to get use to doing. What are your thoughts gamers😂?

ASKED BY: Deathscrusade
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