Question Any Mobile Terraria Gamers want to join my completion of terraria server?

If so pleas click this link and use my code @alfadawg9er9er on my omlet arcade chat text "can i join " in chat. Also if you are interested I will add you to the discord :

ASKED BY: Aq_AlfaDawg9er9er
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Question What is your favourite terraria boss


ASKED BY: Im A Gamer
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Question Will you follow me on Twitch?

Hey there! Will you join my Twitch community? It can be really hard to be seen and found by nice people when you’re new on Twitch and I just started streaming a couple of weeks ago. We have a small community going but we’re definitely hoping for more due to differences in time zones making it difficult to chat or game together as often as we’d like! We play games together, sometimes make music too but I’m mostly here to find other people to play with or who just want to come watch and make suggestions and share things like their art or chats about their day in the Discord :) we play Among Us, Fall Guys, Online Poker, Minecraft, Fortnite, Hearthstone, Magic, COD, Valorant, Spelunky 2, Garry’s mod, Rocket League, maybe I’ll get Phasmophobia soon. Really, whatever we can play together, I’ll play :) if you come into the chat and speak we will give you lots of attention and from there you can get the Discord link to come chat with all of us!! Oh and we do giveaways from the discord pretty often too, there is actually one happening now and winner is selected in about 20 hours! 😄 discord join link is on my profile! From there you just react the Giveaway post and you’re entered for a chance to win!

ASKED BY: waiqiao
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Question Can I get some followers that play on Xbox cause im new to this app and need people

ASKED BY: TheSuperStar82
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Question Who wants to play terraria?


ASKED BY: SteezyyBreezyy
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Question I am looking for a "friend" to pass the terraria, from the very beginning

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Question Hey does anybody want to help me beat the pirate invasion in terraria?

I have gotten halfway but I feel like I could use some assistants.

ASKED BY: GiochildTheEggu1243
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Question Looking for people to play with

Just would like to find someone to play with. I am from Europe and on PC

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Question Anyone wanna play Terraria?

Please create a new character. I'm making a new world and I plan to beat the game. Please have a mic for communications. Please be on ps4

ASKED BY: Chaotic Cow
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Question Spoiler Any body wanna play terraria?

I’m making a new world on ps4

ASKED BY: Noah Callen
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Question Anyone have a switch for co-op?

I'm looking for some people to play a terraria switch world with. I could also play with mobile people, just anybody!

ASKED BY: Koolkiller5656
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Question YouTube Channel

Hi! I know I’m just some rando on this app but it would mean a lot to me if you subscribed to my YouTube channel... especially because I’m trying to grow it and maybe one day make it a part time career? :) anyways thank you! My channel is- Kleptos Content

ASKED BY: Kleptos
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Question Smoking Guns Gaming (SGG)

We are looking for commited gamers looking for new friends and people to play with. We are a serious community but don't let that phase you, our main goal is to have fun and find new players to v i b e with. We play multiple games such as rainbow six siege, Minecraft, call of duty and smite

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Question Terraria in 2020

if you ever played terraria or still do, did you enjoy it? i loved the grind but once my maxed out world got deleted due to a bug i havent went back:( sad times i know, hours upon hours of gameplay just gone..

ASKED BY: 22hearts
Terraria in 2020
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