Question Who's your fav op to play?

My favorite op to play is finka bc the boost is aids and shotgun is op as heck but its soo fun tell me what your favorite op is.

ASKED BY: Polar Vortex
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Question Any “Gamer Girls” out their

I don’t mean to fall into a category, but would like to find some other women who share true same passion with me.

ASKED BY: Trap1234
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Question Bored 🥺

Any fellow gamer girls age 12-14 who play overwatch, paladins, seige, minecraft on xbox 🥺❤

ASKED BY: Xility
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Question Best class for Jäger

I need advice on which class I should use for Jäger. I do not use his shotgun #rainbow6seige #seige

ASKED BY: Millertime
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