Question Need siege friends! Ps4

Drop your psn below! Mine is Toxicinfinityy. I'm a plat 3 lvl 267 smoke/Thermite main trying to hit plat 2/1 but I'll hop on Smurfs if your lower to help! Or if you wanna play casual that's great too!

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Question looking for a group of friends between 3-5 members, or more! :D(xbox)

must be 15+ no kiddos, no homophobia, don’t be toxic, just friends, mic required, swearing is allowed. i’m 17, on the West coast. :) I play: Rainbow Six, Overwatch, Apex, and lots more! :) R6 my highest rank is gold 3, I can go higher. (lvl:132) Overwatch, I’m mostly a tank Orisa main But I can switch to either, haven’t been ranked yet but i’m good. (lvl:52) Apex, I’m a Wattson main. (lvl:96) I also have a few gamer girl friends that would join us once and a while! :) xoxo hmu! ❤️

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Question Recruiting members for YeeT clan (Xbox players only)

Add me and I'll invite you to the club/clan

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Question Anyone looking to join a Rainbow Six Siege ps4 clan?

If anyone is looking to join a Rainbow Six Siege clan reply to this question. Console: ps4 Clan name: FFS PSN and Clan Leaders: StormyFFS IsolatedDimez_ Looking For: People that can edit, make logos, have fun, play seriously, aren’t toxic and can be funny. We are very nice. No toxicity. We have mics. We like to joke around and do stupid strats/things. We play seriously too.

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