Question Gadgets on rainbow

What would be in your opinion the most frustrating operator special ability/gadget to deal with in a pvp setting. Feel free to describe why or experiences that back up claim

ASKED BY: FenixCastle
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Question Who do you main on siege? <3

I main Cav and nomad :)

ASKED BY: egirl Savv
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Question Rainbow Six Q&A

Best Attacking Operators to Play on: ● Consulate ● Bank ● Outback ● House

ASKED BY: sinewavmusicofficial
Rainbow Six Q&amp;A
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Question Saison 3 and 4 new operator are leak

I have some information about the new ope, in attack we got Kormora and in def we got Aruni, if youre interested chat with me ill say more and more ;)

ASKED BY: ☆Kerne49☆
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Question You can add any elite and design it to R6, what do you do?

Ubisoft give you the choice of adding any operators elite skin in and designing it yourself who do you give it to and what does it look like, what is it’s name and what is the gadget’ weapon skin, animation etc.

ASKED BY: Saxxon
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Question New Operator Names?

And is this new season gonna be lit?

ASKED BY: Snaplightgaming
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Question What’s your Favourite op to use?

My favourite defender is Bandit and Lesion and for attack it is Ash or IQ what’s yours ?

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