Question Stadia Players?

Of your a Google Stadia player and you play #RDR2 then you have noticed how dead the online community can be. I want to know if you would join me in playing not just RDR2 but any of the Stadia titles. Add me at Ruezzz I'm always online.

ASKED BY: Ruezzz
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Question Hey

Who wants to play? Preferably lower than 5000 but higher than 2500 trophy wise.

ASKED BY: BlueFootedBoobyy
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Question Siege ranked Eu Xbox

Need a team to plant ranked in silver 4

ASKED BY: MattTaylor
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Question New Friend? :)

Hey! I am always looking for new friends to play League with. If you wanna play some normals or somethin' let me know, please! ^_^

ASKED BY: XSeahorseX
New Friend? :)
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Question Looking for people on ts to play customs with

I’m currently with 2 other friends maybe later on will be 4 others but we want as much as possible

ASKED BY: gamer326188884
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Question Teammates needed

I’m currently silver and play solo, I need some teammates that can carry their own weight, I’m usually gold or plat when I have teammates but my friends aren’t currently playing siege

ASKED BY: JustTroyy
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Question Who’s playing the avengers beta aug 7th?

Need someone who would use anyone else besides iron man For warzones n just to talk or even play more when the game comes out

ASKED BY: Overtimejay_
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Question Giving 1000 to 5000 vbucks to every one ps4 only. I will need your account info like this i can log

Giving 1000 to 5000 vbucks to every one ps4 only. I will need your account info like this i can login and buy the vbucks if you dont trust my i dont really care but remmeber that you can just reset the password if i scamm you.. Trustable

ASKED BY: MursicIsVibin
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Question Where can I post LFG for a game that isn't in this database?

ASKED BY: Visitor
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Question how do i change the language on a lfg post

hi, im new here and i was gonna use this later to find people to queue with, but i dont understand a lick of spanish so i have no idea what any of these mean except casual. if anybody knows how to change these please let me know and thanks

ASKED BY: Viggly Wiggly
how do i change the language on a lfg post
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Question Any “Gamer Girls” out their

I don’t mean to fall into a category, but would like to find some other women who share true same passion with me.

ASKED BY: Trap1234
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Question Any siege gamer girls wanna play? (PS4)

I'm not a simp so I'm not running half the map just to pick you up.

ASKED BY: ibefaker
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Question Any R6 Gamer girls wanna play? (PS4)

You don't have to be good it's mostly me and the boys fooling around in casual or customs

ASKED BY: ibefaker
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Question Looking for R6 gamer girls to make a full squad (PS4)

You don't have to be good it's mostly just us fooling around in casual or custom

ASKED BY: ibefaker
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Question Looking for gamer girls to make a full squad

You don't have to be good it's mostly just casual and custom. (PS4)

ASKED BY: ibefaker
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Question Someone wanna play?

Looking for mates to play League with on EUW. Not really interested in playing ranked atm. Just wanna play for fun English,turkish and german are fine

ASKED BY: Tifaxx
Someone wanna play?
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Question Any Inexperienced LoL players wanna form a team to take on the high ELO shitbags?

DigiKrypt#8318 Add me :)

ASKED BY: DigiKrypt
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Question Anyone play Generation Zero?

Hey, anyone play generation zero? I'm going to start a game from the beginning, if anyone plays on PS4

ASKED BY: therehrigs
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Question Is there an LFG for Halo in Moot?

There isnt in LFG for the Official Halo game in Moot and I try to find players that are on Halo: Reach but yeah it sucks. But just in general there should be an LFG especially for those PC players. Second thing, I'd like to see an option in general in LFG where you can choose by games for certain titles in Moot that are just based on series for example: Call of Duty is just "Cod" when certain people in that LFG are looking for players in Black Ops 1 when others are looking for players in Modern Warfare. Halo...dosent have one at all. That's it Lol. 99% of Moot wouldnt find this but if 1% read this have a nice day :)

ASKED BY: RetroCams12
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Question How many people play bdo on Xbox

So just curious to see what I’m dealing with just wanted to know how many people are on the app who play bdo, on the Xbox.

ASKED BY: gamer765345811
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Question New to PC

Hello, I recently bought me a PC after playing 15+ years on console. None of my console friends have PC and I’d like to maybe meet some new PC players. I enjoy playing a variety of games. I’m pretty competitive. Can play for many hours at a time. I refuse to play Fortnite. I prefer R6 over any cod (besides MW2 and BO2). I also love to play mmorpgs if it’s with putting the time into. Was a huge runescape, mobinagi, and maple story fan. I’ve played a lot of black desert and ESO. So if anyone wants to help me find a new group to connect with, that would be awesome.

ASKED BY: The Big Tan
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