Question Future Cold War Gun

Am I the only person that thinks that the Ballista is gonna come back in this game?

ASKED BY: Drxvenツ
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Question does it really matter if i’m a girl?

i’ve been playing a heap of r6 where when i speak to call out, i get yelled at or kicked with 0 explanations! it’s stupidly toxic and makes me feel like the gaming community isn’t for females... :/

ASKED BY: LtSquigglez
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Question Looking for a team?

Hey guys, I recently decided to start a R6 community. If you are looking for fun, chill, but good players "ViLe" is what you are looking for. (We are on xbox) +14(age) Dm me if you are interested, thanks!

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Question Mature / Mod Worthy?!

I'm looking for a group of Mature 17-18+ y/o's that are Discord Mod Worthy, to call my "Discord Server Management Team." It's a community Discord server for Gamers, Streamers & or people that are on forms of Social Media, like (Instagram, Twitch, Mixer, etc etc.) or just people looking to chat & meet new people! Here's the link if you'd like to join! (I really would appreciate some assistance, or just new people in general!!) Also, check out my Twitch here!

ASKED BY: xStitchez
Mature / Mod Worthy?!
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Question Building a Community

Hey guys join my Discord and make some new friends during this Quarantine mess we talk about Anime, Games, Art, Music, Ect id be really nice to see yall there and if y'all could share the channel to that would be a big thank you Discord: Really hope to see y'all there

ASKED BY: Armored_assassin
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Question New Streaming Platform🆘🆘

So hello. Would you like a new streaming service like Twitch but much better. With functions of streaming iOS & Android & PC games directly through your devices without third party apps, being able to use face filters at your streams, have availability texting and having video calls without using apps like discord but directly in our app. AND A LOT MORE FEATURES ‼️‼️‼️

ASKED BY: WorldRecordMoot
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Question Did or Do you have a GameCube? If so, what game(s) did you play the most?

I played Smash Bros. Melee and MarioKart DoubleDash the most when I had the GameCube.

Did or Do you have a GameCube? If so, what game(s) did you play the most?
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Question Wanna join our Discord?

Hey! We're a casual adult gaming server that play a plethora of games, feel free to join here: It's more of a small hangout server than a community, just a place where you can talk some bs whilst gaming. Think Misfits > Team Siren on the seriousness-scale. Might seem a tad bit stale at first but if you stick around then we got some great people in there. Quantity over quality, baby. Our motto is Comradery > Completionism, so if you're okay with casual gaming and not too worried about getting shit done, then this might be the perfect place for you. Right now I feel like playing some World War Z, but as stated earlier: we play many games, so hop on in if you're interested! (Try one of the links below, if they don't work then throw me a message)

ASKED BY: Clitbake
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Question What's the best skin from your main?

Name me the skin you like the most from you main in Apex Legends? Who do you think has the best Legendary skin in the game?

ASKED BY: d o u g
What's the best skin from your main?
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