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I need friends please help

ASKED BY: Malachi Blue
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come join focus gaming #fortnite                          

ASKED BY: Focus Gaming
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Question 1-10

How competitive are you when it comes to 1v1 PG,BF,ZW,etc

ASKED BY: taco salad
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Question Is there any neurologist that plays I need answers like asap

ASKED BY: EarthToJxzmin
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Question If I’m gonna make a fn clan what do I need to do? Like tournaments? Or go against another clan?

Like I need help 😂

ASKED BY: Dripzzclan
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Question Girl gaming discord, anyone?

Me and a friend made a discord server mainly for girls but all genders are welcome to join. Ages 15+ it’s mainly to find other people to play with and make new friends. If anyone’s interested in joining lmk and I’ll send you the link❤️

ASKED BY: Pappekak
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Question Can y’all plz help me get to at least 100 subs plz

Plz it’s Eternal-Rich_YT

ASKED BY: EternalRich_YT
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Question Galactic Gatherers

Where do the galactic gathers normally spawn or spawn often on the Fortnite map?

ASKED BY: Panda_Guy200
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Question XGN Recruitment

If anybody is looking for a gaming community, XGN is bringing in new people everyday with over 600 members on PS alone. We are one of the fastest growing gaming communities out there. We support over 10 of the most popular games including CoD, R6, Overwatch and even Minecraft. Requirements: - Must have a mic - 16 years old or older - Have at least 25 trophies on your PSN account - Must be okay with using Discord - Must not have been in a clan in the last 30 days How to Join? Its super easy to join XGN, just message a member and ask to join. Once messaged, they will invite you to a party and go over the basics and go over our training process which includes signing up to our forums, updating your PSN about me and going over some important information. Perks of being an XGN member: - Always have people to play with - Casual and Competitive Opportunities - Meet new people and new friends - We are sponsored by companies such as Rogue Energy and Kontrol Freek so you would get a discount Message for more information!

XGN Recruitment
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Question Betta play mane!!🥺

Who wanna chull Nd play??

ASKED BY: curlyhead.ant
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Question Runnnn!!!!

when you kill your sweaty friend in creative while he is afk:when he comes back

ASKED BY: Godbbr Brian
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Question Anyone wanna carry us in fornite

I literally just wanna see who can actually carry us lmao

ASKED BY: PastaCakez
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Question 2v2 boxfight nae

2v2 boxfight nae

ASKED BY: KingSavage6597
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Question In need of new people to play Fortnite with. I’m not the best player but I consider myself decent

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Question Would anyone be interested in being battled or my duo partner

If interested dm me for more info

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Question Stop looking for friends and join our 3k+ community ! 🙃❤️

Trust me it’s totally worth it! We love being a family and we have many competitive and casual game nights for everyone to enjoy. We play across multiple games and platforms and we will always be there to support you🥰 Req: 16+ , working mic, and discord

Stop looking for friends and join our 3k+ community ! 🙃❤️
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Question Say Hi back or else

I will eat your food

ASKED BY: Demarion bradford
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Question Trying to play PS4: FixTheGame2K-

Add Me 😁

ASKED BY: zyxk On YT
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Question Bruh

Why does fortnite suck so much

ASKED BY: Mustashman47
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Question Please

I need someone to help me with a creative map

ASKED BY: gamer184482873
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Question What’s The Best Game You Played So Far ? 2020

ASKED BY: Kaay Kenny
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ASKED BY: gamer459872356
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Question Fortnite

Who wants 2 play? Am a craked defult skin! Can some1 gift me battle pass? PLZ😭

ASKED BY: Faze_Ur_Mom12
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Question Cracked trio for Fortnite

Yoooo I need a cracked trio to play in tourneys. Can I get two insane players to be my trio?

ASKED BY: imCesarrr
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Question I stream on Twitch

My Twitch name is justmykobe24 and we can play games together and chat.

ASKED BY: JustMyCurry30
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Question Streaming

I am going to be streaming tonight. Anybody can play Fortnite with me during the stream. My epic name is on my account. My Twitch is on my account and it is Twitch.Tv/justmykobe24

ASKED BY: JustMyCurry30
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Question Fortnite

Add my Xbox account M3RK3Dpanda if you wanna try out my new extra extremely impossible hide and seek map

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Question Fortnite tríos na west read description pls :3

Hi I am a ps4 player and I am looking for a trio on na west. You must have a mic. Don’t care about gender. Be division 5 and up . Play whenever . Has 2fa and Is serious about competitive pls dm fast ! Discord pls

ASKED BY: ChEaTeR_Soccerpro
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