Question What do you think about the Marauder in Doom Eternal?

I was wondering what do you guys think about the Marauder. Personally I think that his a great enemy and that he fits well in the game play style. But I wanted to hear other people's opinion as well.

ASKED BY: Pepe The Pogger
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Question Looking for gaming YT creators

I’m starting a YouTube group so if you want in and are starting out feel free to message me and send me along to your channel. 18+ 🔞

ASKED BY: Yankaroni On YT
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Question Is the new doom eternal worth it?

I am questioning whether I should get it as I played the last one and enjoyed it, but haven't seen much of this one

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Question Who’s ready for Doom Eternal? Released March 20th

Doom is one of my very favorites, and I can’t wait to play the new Doom Eternal. How about you guys?

ASKED BY: itsFrost4
Who’s ready for Doom Eternal? Released March 20th
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