Question Anyone else bored and wants to play rainbow six siege??

I'm 13 soif you don't wanna play with me you don't have to,you don't need a mic, TTV-SINFUL-JINX is my PlayStation username

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Question Just chill, have fun

Just fool around and have fun, don’t care about your rank

ASKED BY: YesMachine50
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Question need a support on OW? (ps4)

Anyone 18 and over down for some quickplay? I main Moira and Mercy, and I'm trying to get my acc to lvl 25 for comp. Feel free to add me; my psn is lemonlovelii ♡

ASKED BY: lemonlovelii
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Question Need a healer on overwatch? (xbox)

I main healer on overwatch, average of 10-17k healing per game. I'm in silver, trying to climb up but if you ever need a good healer just send me a message :)

ASKED BY: Sunflower
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Question Non Competitive Clan 150+members

If you wanna Be in a clan/community with over 150 members then hit me up we play a variety of games such as Rocket league Fortnite Brawlhalla and Others like R6. Were non competitive so we play for fun. If your interested Then hit me up!

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Question Operators

I’ve got 20000 renown and no idea who to get, I need suggestions I have Attackers: sledge,ash,twitch,monty,glaz,fuze,iq,hibana and dokkaebi Defenders: smoke,pulse,doc,kapkan,Valkyrie and vigil

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Question Wanna join our Discord?

Hey! We're a casual adult gaming server that play a plethora of games, feel free to join here: It's more of a small hangout server than a community, just a place where you can talk some bs whilst gaming. Think Misfits > Team Siren on the seriousness-scale. Might seem a tad bit stale at first but if you stick around then we got some great people in there. Quantity over quality, baby. Our motto is Comradery > Completionism, so if you're okay with casual gaming and not too worried about getting shit done, then this might be the perfect place for you. Right now I feel like playing some World War Z, but as stated earlier: we play many games, so hop on in if you're interested! (Try one of the links below, if they don't work then throw me a message)

ASKED BY: Clitbake
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Question Best video game of 2019

What do yall think the best single and multiplayer game is of 2019 or of the decade

ASKED BY: rayydar
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