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Question What's your biggest pet peeve on Among us

Mine:When people just geuss and people vote you out with 0 proof 🙄

ASKED BY: xxx...lanky.fam...xx
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Question Need more gamer friends?

Hey guys! Wanting to make more gamer friends to play online/socialize with on Discord! Leave a comment if your interested and ill send you the Discord link! 😁😁😁

ASKED BY: Hailbail97
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Question Need a new Discord group?

Needing more fellow humans to game with instead of random lobbies? Leave a comment and I can send you the discord link!

ASKED BY: Hailbail97
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Question Which mod is better: infinite range or infinite kill cooldown among us

They both are very amazing

ASKED BY: Dae'Shawn Wilson
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Question Twitch anyone?

Looking for a new Twitch streamer to watch? Check out Amusing Ghoul! Hes got some pretty entertaining content and is just starting up his Twitch streaming!

ASKED BY: Hailbail97
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Question Beginner looking for Group

Are there any groups out there that I can join that would be good for a beginner and also if I don’t have a mic to use ?

ASKED BY: CarolJoyner
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Question Do you want other mature adults to LFG with?

Me too. The modding, arguing, and whatever other problems get old. Bickering and fighting in the lobbies. People leaving before completing the first task. *sigh* I really just want to play the game. 🤷‍♀️ I'm 27 and seeking other (preferably female) streamers to play with. Being a streamer is not a requirement! It is just a preference. Over all, anyone is welcome if you're kind. I have my moments, but generally I'm just a giant love bug. Come play among us with me 😍

ASKED BY: ttv_Kaceymon
Do you want other mature adults to LFG with?
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Question Did everyone enjoy their Halloween this year?

Wasnt the normal year for Halloween but im hoping everyone was able to celebrate in some sort of manner! For us: We celebrated our first Discord Halloween with our groups Discord server! Played some Among Us, had our own spin on a Halloween Party, and just had a good time gaming and playing/watching our groups streamers! 😊

ASKED BY: Hailbail97
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Question Is Among Us safe to play right now with the hacker situation that has been going on?

ASKED BY: Aldenvie
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Question what do i do wit a singer

What should i do when somebody starts singing in the chat? do i befriend them or kik them?  

ASKED BY: Campion Sam
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Question ISO: Crewmates with Discord & Mic!

Looking for players that have discord and a mic for some among us! Message me or leave a comment for a link to our discord!

ASKED BY: Hailbail97
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Question Have you heard of Gamers Resort?

Hello fellow gamers! Welcome to Gamers Resort! We are a Discord group that are here for a good time, to make some new friends, and play some games! So guys... -Are you 16+ -love playing games -like meeting new people -and like having ALOT of good laughs? Then come give Gamers Resort a try! (Discord link is just down below!) Happy Gaming Players! 😁 **PLEASE MESSAGE ME FOR THE DISCORD LINK!**

ASKED BY: Hailbail97
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Question What’s your main colour and clothing/pet/hat choice?

I’m always yellow and i generally have a mini crewmate, an egg & a safety vest on.

ASKED BY: juliette
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Question Fellow Crewmates... Got Discord & A Mic?

**PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS Q&A IF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY INTERESTED! I WILL ALSO BE POSTING THE DISCORD LINK AS WELL ITS IN MY BIO!** Hello All! Were a group of gamers who.. Well.. Love to game and have a good time doing it! And because our little group found we had a blast hanging out (killing each other) we thought we'd turn it into a Discord for other players to join in on the fun! So with that said... -Have Discord & a Mic? -Do you like having a good time? -Like laughing at the chaos? -Have a good sense of humor and dont take offense easily? -Enjoy meeting gamers and making new pals? Then this Discord is the place for you! Happy Gaming! And remember... Don't trust anyone! 😂

ASKED BY: Hailbail97
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Question Among Us or Fall guys

Which one do you guys like better?

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Question What's your main character colour for Among Us?

I usually main playing as Brown with my bear ears 😁

ASKED BY: Hailbail97
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Question Any tips on how to be a better impostor?

For the last while it seems like I've hit a plateau in my among us imposter skills, and I was hoping that I could find some help online. I've done all the usual things, fake tasks, try and frame other players, murder crewmates, but lately it seems like my impostor losing streak is just adding up. I play public with randoms and private with friends on discord so tips for either playstyles are welcome. As I've noticed that the playstyle needed for each are very different. Just looking for tips and tricks whatever you guys think makes the best impostor in the lobby.

ASKED BY: Ozisorin
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Question Favorite Hat?

What is your favorite hat to wear and why?

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Question Will you follow me on Twitch?

Hey there! Will you join my Twitch community? It can be really hard to be seen and found by nice people when you’re new on Twitch and I just started streaming a couple of weeks ago. We have a small community going but we’re definitely hoping for more due to differences in time zones making it difficult to chat or game together as often as we’d like! We play games together, sometimes make music too but I’m mostly here to find other people to play with or who just want to come watch and make suggestions and share things like their art or chats about their day in the Discord :) we play Among Us, Fall Guys, Online Poker, Minecraft, Fortnite, Hearthstone, Magic, COD, Valorant, Spelunky 2, Garry’s mod, Rocket League, maybe I’ll get Phasmophobia soon. Really, whatever we can play together, I’ll play :) if you come into the chat and speak we will give you lots of attention and from there you can get the Discord link to come chat with all of us!! Oh and we do giveaways from the discord pretty often too, there is actually one happening now and winner is selected in about 20 hours! 😄 discord join link is on my profile! From there you just react the Giveaway post and you’re entered for a chance to win!

ASKED BY: waiqiao
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Question Color main?

What colors do you guys main?

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Question Okay, let's get this straight. How many left nuts were lost playing Among Us?

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Question Any thing you would add to among us

Type any thing you wanna add and why you want to add it

ASKED BY: Lïvinglie
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Question Is any of you down to join a Discord Date Night show?

Just need sum dudes and gals that are content creators. And looking to have sum fun. 18+ yo

ASKED BY: itsReggie
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Well look no further I run a discord and it is growing quickly join and become a member of this asome discord sever DM ME OR COMMENT

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Question Anyone wanna make a squad ?

Ight I need a squad of homies. I ain't tryna play with kids so you ATLEAST gotta be 16. I play like everyday all day with a dude I know well and we pretty chill, it's just so mf BORING asf just playing the 2 of us so we looking for people who ain't constantly busy and is funny asf. Look I dont want to just play with ANYONE so ima interview you like you tryna get a job 😂😂 cuz listen if I play with the first person who responds and it turns out I dont like you I ain't trying to be a dick and stop playing with you after we already played a few matches. But YAH that's about it.

ASKED BY: Jus7aN00b855
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Question What do u want NEW in Among Us

New map, Tasks let me now

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Question Why and how didI get away with this?

Why and how didI get away with this?
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