Question Need someone to play with on rust bc i am new to the game

ASKED BY: Cmoney4323
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Question Anyone down to join my group

We’re looking for 2 more players, we will mainly play ranked and later on do tournaments all were looking for really is dedicated players who are good at call outs, not to be salty to each other and take criticism well.

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Question Team FRX

anyone want to join a fun team FRX (not pro) always down to play

ASKED BY: FRX Rose1439
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Question Who’s play avengers beta on ps4 the 7th

I’m looking for others to make a group with I’m using iron man and I’d like to get a group of avengers together

ASKED BY: Overtimejay_
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Question Need teammates to play ranked with for upcoming season, drop your IGN.... let’s grind to immortal

My IGN is ScrazyTube #NA1

ASKED BY: ScrazyTube
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Question Can I get a bronze squad ?(valorant)

I need a team :/

ASKED BY: im_sad136
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Question Anyone wanna Play Forza Horizon 4 ?

Looking for cool friends tat wants to chill and have fun. Race/Cruise/Drift, Drag. Anything goes, plus be a crew! Add me on Xbox live- Panda6919742 Let’s have Fun!!!

ASKED BY: Mikey Curtis
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Question Anyone wanna play Forza horizon4

We can chill and cruise and everything especially drift. Be a crew as well. Looking for 2-6 members Gamer tag for Forza- Panda691#9742 Lest build a real friendship.

ASKED BY: Mikey Curtis
Anyone wanna play Forza horizon4
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Question Who wants to play overwatch Xbox?

Looking for an overwatch team

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Question Rust Group!

Need someone with at least 1000 hrs... Need mic... Isn’t a dick... good at pvp... won’t inside... (message me)

ASKED BY: Kelson Irwin
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Question Better Siege Team

I'm looking for players that are willing to play rank and we'll stay at a decent rank. I'm talking about ranks Silver 5+. *I don't want a team that will be bronze or copper*

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Question Want to Join a Team?

Hello, my name is Ryan / @Such.Kharisma - Team Manager & Founder. Team Such is Scouting for Members who want to take their involvement in the gaming & content creating community to the next level. •About us as a Team• Team Such is an e-sports organization based out of CA, USA. Officially Established in 2020. We are Currently at 72 members & Growing 1 - 5 new People Daily! We have a Team Discord Server for: • Find fellow Teammates for casual gameplay. • Find fellow Teammates to consistently depend on in competitive situations. • Sharing your YouTube, live streams & Social media. • Posting your videos and highlight clips We are always interested in Scrimmaging / Practicing with other teams! For our Competitive Team-A - (Premier Competitive Group of Players): We have Practices in Private matches with a Dedicated non-player Host. So no 1 person has an unfair advantage. *to be Decided weekly by team Availability.* Besides Practice, we party up for public matches as well as Competitive playlists & Competing in Gamebattles. • We also are looking for: Casual players • Graphic Artists • Video Editors • Streamers & Content Creators • Contact if Interested, Thanks for your time! :)

ASKED BY: Team Such
Want to Join a Team?
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Question Need 2 more world championship qualifiers!

If you need a team in cod mobile for the regional plays.. we need 2 more so hurry up and join...

ASKED BY: Strive Samurai YT
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Question Looking for teammates who can help me get to the end of HQ.

I need teammates who have a mic and have completed the HQ mission to help me beat this mission as I've tried countless times only to get to floor 13. I need teammates who know which floor has which enemies and whatnot.

ASKED BY: HylianHero5000
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Question Recruiting

I'm playing on a server in Conan exiles and most of my clanmates do not farm or play constantly enough to do well. I need a solid group of 4 people who enjoy as much as I do.

ASKED BY: Skelator979
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Question Wanna form a team

I wanna make a team I am tiard of losing if u are also contact me we need 4 more Europe Just dont be bellow silver (ranks will soon reset) I dont want toxic people Willing to form a strat No mindles rushing and spawnpeeking I hope some of u guys will contact me and we can form a team

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Question Looking for a team

Just wanna find some cool people to play ranked with, I play Silver-Gold area

ASKED BY: BT Sparten
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Question I need a team

Bored during quarantine and I wanna join a team to have fun nd get better 😝

ASKED BY: TTVbythawayyy
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Question If someone do a hardest retake and hardest trickshot u can join secretzs

idc you do examples I play hardest controller you you need a yt channel at least 1k subscribers if you want more information contact Instagram at team_secretzs

ASKED BY: Secret Spaz
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Question Anyone wanna play 2k?

I’m on xbox add me and hmu. I’m chill and won’t treat u like crap. bring ur teammates up not down.

ASKED BY: Come_play_and_chill
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Question Need a ranked 3rd for apex

Preferably platinum or better. I’m a Gibby main and my other teammate is a pathfinder so hopefully looking for a Watson, caustic, or a good support. Need mic

ASKED BY: Cadem3145
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Question Anyone looking to be friends and do some fun stuff on Fh4

Any one looking to team or be cool friends to play Fh4/3?

ASKED BY: Mikey Curtis
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Question Tryouts for Team Ascend

Need to have Mic 12+ Switch, Xbox ,ps4

ASKED BY: Ryycee
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Question Trynna find some people to play with in mw, not looking for try hards just some people down to joke

ASKED BY: MilkyLappo
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Question Anyone down to play casual or ranked as a team?

I typically play alone but I want a team because it’s more fun that way. I prefer people with chill personalities and a good sense of humor. I’m not a pro at siege so I don’t want any toxicity. Mic preferred, and I also would appreciate it if there was no judgment toward my voice, I know it’s deep.

ASKED BY: MSF.Nightingale
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Question Who do you think is a best team to use together

Who you think is the best combo

ASKED BY: Sugoirori_
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