Question Anybody on PS4?

Anybody wanna chill and play? ^^ Mic would be required tho... :)

ASKED BY: Chonky Penguin
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Answer7 Wonder1

Question I need a duo partner

Arena duos and we can hang out and join clan fn

ASKED BY: Justus On Top
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Answer6 Wonder1

Question Spoiler Can someone gift me the cuddle pool skin I only have 1,100 if you get it to me I will gift you

Something with my v-bucks I’m on PS4 my epic name is Sapphirebae12

ASKED BY: Sapphirebaee12
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Answer2 Wonder0
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Answer4 Wonder0

Question Looking for a fortnite coach

I need a fortnite coach I bad at the game help me😭😭

ASKED BY: Goggles_38
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Answer5 Wonder0