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QuestionAny tips for genji?

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Einss Beginner 8d 12 Selected Score
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Every time you use his sword you need to start speaking Japanese (100% legit)

Nexzale Beginner 8d 1 Selected Score
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As a genji main since beta, you don’t always want to ult and dash find a squishy person around 200 health but make sure they can’t evade your attack like a Moria go after an Ana or mccree also don’t always rush into a battle play it smart with your team and don’t hold back your ult waiting for a grav,and most importantly know when to switch if they have a sym, Moria and Winston genji won’t work

MoeJoe Beginner 6d 0 Selected Score

Look all you have to is double jump constantly and know when to use you deflect ablility and and the three stars spread or in straight line

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ktarrah Beginner 7d 1 Selected Score

be a god with high sensitivity and plan your moves 10 steps ahead

Souless gamer 101 Beginner 7d 0 Selected Score

Play it safe

Fainted dead inside Beginner 7d 0 Selected Score

Any times he uses his Dragon Blade dash into the enemy and then hit him twice then go behind them – again until they die then when your dash is up again always use it

Elay Beginner 8d 0 Selected Score

Oh yeah fs. As a genji player with 552 hours on him. My tip is go to spawn and switch.

Rainbow 6 Player5536 Beginner 8d 4 Selected Score

Use his sword then dash


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