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So do you guys like the new hero ban system?

Mr_Pufferfish 1year 186 read


logan sweeten Beginner 1year 0 Selected Score

I think its good so it forces you to use different heroes and you can play arcade or quick play if you want to

qhostie Beginner 1year 0 Selected Score

I feel that it’s a give and take, however i feel it goes with what the dev team wanted for the game when it first came out. It forces players in comp to get creative, which can be frustrating when you can’t go back to a comfortable meta or hero. I feel the community would have handled this better and learned how to adapt if they’d done this earlier after the release of competitive play. So far i like it, but I’ve been playing for a long time and I don’t have too terrible of a time playing hero’s that wouldn’t be my first choice.

HS BONKERS Beginner 1year 1 Selected Score

I think it is good and forces players to adapt instead of being a one trick

AlphaBao Beginner 1year 0 Selected Score

The ban system was pretty good until they banned two supports instead of dps🤦🏻‍♂️.

thewestshore Beginner 1year 0 Selected Score

Hell no. I think that it should be voted like in the beginning of Rainbow Six: Siege games.

og plays Beginner 1year 0 Selected Score

I don't bc I like to play all the heros

BenG42069 Beginner 1year 0 Selected Score

It's not for this game for one reason when u ban characters those who get countered by them get to be uncontested and that's just not fair

RainNanners Beginner 1year 11 Selected Score

Me personally.. I think it'll help in the long run with those that should get other heroes under their belt so the can be able to help out the team more. I was way ahead of the curve, and became a flex with a bunch of heroes. So yes, I really like it.

Hogzilla Beginner 1year 2 Selected Score

Nope I hate it, i play three tank heroes I don't think that they should have the ban system


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