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QuestionWho's the most OP killer in your opinion?

Herky Berky 8mo 1,075 read


Kyle216 Beginner 6mo 0 Selected Score

For me itโ€™s not really the most OP itโ€™s more of the most annoying for me lesions bitch dude, like that homie literally jumps over the only obstacles that we have to make distance between the killer, but I have gotten a lot better at running him compared to when I was at rank 6

V$COzGIRL Beginner 7mo 0 Selected Score

doctor and legion

Forester284 Candidate Master 7mo 100 Selected Score

In my opinion The Doctor is strong even without strong add-ons, because in shock Mode the survivors scream and you See their Silhouette When you came near. So He is strong, because he helps find the survivors.

Pollito Beginner 7mo 0 Selected Score

Idk but I hate plague

NaughtyTwizzler Candidate Master 8mo 67 Selected Score


Kaiis DJ Beginner 8mo 1 Selected Score

Doctor or Nurse

MjLion015 Beginner 8mo 0 Selected Score

Freddy Krueger

Czarnicks Beginner 8mo 0 Selected Score

It's Nurse.

Visvix Moot Master 8mo 163 Selected Score

Myers with good addons? Maybe Wraith too

raul National Master 8mo 657 Selected Score

the hag๐Ÿ˜ฌ


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