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QuestionWhy do you play?

Why do you play Pokémon? Is it Nostalgia? The idea of going on an adventure without having to leave the house? Maybe it’s the battles? Or maybe you love catching them all? I play for a mix of all of these, but mostly because the series carried me through some tougher times in life. I’m curious as to what your reasons are for playing are. ;p

Yoshter 1mo 35 read


General Bee Beginner 1mo 2 Selected Score
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Well, a blatant answer would be its an addictive habit of mine. But Since I started back on the GB with Red and Blue 20 years ago. Im just gonna go with nostalgia and Catching them all. 3 Shinies away from Living Shiny Galar Dex. Drizzile/Rillaboom/Hatenna

Pokémon trader Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Because it’s funnn I love catching Oompa Loompa

Raze Van Alias Candidate Master 1mo 83 Selected Score

Because I gotta catch them all!!


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