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QuestionWhat is the best mythical Pokemon

This includes all games

Luke Thomas 7mo 81 read


Mittisune Beginner 6mo 0 Selected Score

Jirachi, his ability is the best one for battles.

Odour Beginner 6mo 4 Selected Score

No.3 - Phione . Now most peeps hate this thing because it is exactly like manaphy but I love the idea of a Rare mythical coming from an egg also it’s shiny is nice. No.2 - Melmetal . Love how he was a new mythical introduced for Pokemon go and let’s go also his evolution process is all about fusing plenty of meltans according to the anime. Also like phione , neat shiny. No.1 - Jirachi . I just frigging love this mythical so much!!! it is cute and looks like a star and the Pokédex fact is so cool since if you write your one true wish on one of its tags when it’s sleeping it will wake up and grant that wish then sleep for another 3000 years. And like all the others I love it’s shiny.

RiftyToldMeTo Beginner 7mo 11 Selected Score


General Bee Beginner 7mo 2 Selected Score


Moe Kai Moot Master 7mo 324 Selected Score

I'll have to say Darkrai. Most mythical's are created for the sake of a new generation and don't have much backstory to them. This one had a good personality, it's own games, backstories, movie, and overall are my favorite Pokemon of all time, hands down.

ت Beginner 7mo 37 Selected Score



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