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QuestionWhat’s your favourite game?

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Jewel4Real Beginner 1mo 2 Selected Score
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Arena Solos

psycho frantic Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Btw I've been playing sense season 0 that's why I did it a lot

psycho frantic Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Solo squads

FlutterArts Beginner 1mo 3 Selected Score

league of legends!!

Moe Kai Moot Master 1mo 192 Selected Score

Destiny 2 is a lot of fun despite all the grief it gets. I enjoy it!

Boomerangz Candidate Master 1mo 43 Selected Score

I know you might be expecting everyone to say Fortnite since this is in the Fortnite category but it doesn’t look like that’s what everyone likes. My favourite game is Spider-Man PS4

~Im Killua Candidate Master 1mo 80 Selected Score

The game I play with your mom

Andre_RK812 Beginner 1mo 37 Selected Score

Rainbow six siege or Titanfall 2

WildGrizzlyDuck Beginner 1mo 1 Selected Score

Space Engineers or CoD: MW

Natural20 Beginner 1mo 20 Selected Score



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