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QuestionStop asking fortnite questions... The game sucks!

Agree or disagree your all wrong. And giving me your time is a win for me.

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NZ Beginner 1mo 2 Selected Score
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I shall call upon the lord Tachanka to smite the fortnite kids

Bluesy Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

This has no factual evidence because it is an opinion. And you most likely aren't the best person to share your opinions seeing as you went out of your way to make this. I personally believe you do you and lets me do me. Anything outside of that is irrelevant.

Mr.doodoohead Beginner 1mo 13 Selected Score

Fortnite is popular because not everyone can buy a game so sad But yeah it is shit do not like it one bit I rather have a f*cknight than a fortnite 🤟🤟

psycho frantic Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

If u don't like the game keep it to your self and h8 on another game if u don't like it how bout actually playing it and trying to get better at it and ull like it the game doesn't suck iay be 13 but just cuz I love fortnite doesn't mean I make shit songs or like the shit a 13 yo likes just try the damn game maybe u will change ur mind so try 1 week of playing and then come back

Moe Kai Candidate Master 1mo 135 Selected Score

I think everyone has the right to have their own opinion, to like what they want to like, play what they want to play. It isn't really fair to say that kind of thing in a gaming community.

FollowForFollow Moot Master 1mo 224 Selected Score

I couldn’t care less of what I’m spending my time doing and i like Fortnite as it’s not R6 👍

jazzydakitty Beginner 1mo 10 Selected Score

Hm, but yet you put this post under the Fortnite category. I agree that it isn't a good game. The weapon spread is the roll of a dice, the building mechanic is based on spamming and no skill, the tick rate is twenty at best, you can't switch your point of view, and the excessive number if micro transactions. The only reason that it's so popular is because it's casual and free. It appeals to a majority of the younger audience. It hit the right places to be popular, but not the right places to be a good game.

ت Beginner 1mo 37 Selected Score

Fortnite is big pp time

~Im Killua Candidate Master 1mo 80 Selected Score

And your all bad

MakaylaLovesYa Beginner 1mo 8 Selected Score

Wait so if I agree with you then I'm wrong? Therefore fortnite is a good game? Like cant really call it trash, like it literally 250 million players 🤡 like if you wanna diss on it give us a reason


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