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QuestionWhat’s your top 5 skins?

Everyone has their own opinions, what are your 5 all time favorite skins?

zombaewoody 1mo 33 read


Boomerangz Candidate Master 1mo 43 Selected Score

1. Batman comic book skin 2. Merry Marauder 3. Batman Dark Knight skin 4. Deadpool 5. Harley Quinn

FollowForFollow Moot Master 1mo 233 Selected Score

My no 1 skin is black knight but I’m not allowed to we’re it as it attracts the whole lobby and my friends are pissed off😂 2 Vortex 3 Peely 4 Omega 5 Reaper (John wick)

Monke6y_YT Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Wukong, ghoul trooper, mitas, deadpool, marshmellow


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