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QuestionMnK on Console?

Opinions on this? I currently use controller but am considering switching. I’d like to hear your opinions.

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You can get banned for using MnK on Siege Console. On PC, there is a difference between Gamepad recoil and MnK Recoil, and PC can tell what you're using, on Console, it does not. In this case, you will be using Gamepad Recoil with MnK. So it is considered cheating.

Brucie Beginner 1mo 11 Selected Score

MnK is unfair to console players and whoever needs them to play have no right calling themselves gamers. On games like MC or something that doesn't require aim I see no problem if that's they're preferences, but using it for an unfair advantage is like abusing a glitch and calling it skill

N4me Beginner 1mo 32 Selected Score

It is TECHNICALLY cheating. Personally I never find myself caring about my enemy using KnM because usually it doesn’t make much of a difference seeing as MnK ONLY improves your aim and not real skill level, though I do agree that KnM on console is unacceptable Pro Tip: To everyone who sees a MnK on the enemy team and instantly gets mad because they are “cheating” just try to get in as few fair gunfights with them as possible by doing things like holding super tight angles or playing Blackbeard.(anything that gives you the gunfight advantage

InCYnity Beginner 1mo 12 Selected Score

It’s cheating. Plain and simple. If you’re using MNK on console and tricking it into thinking you’re using a controller, you’re a cheater.

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Sad. I got called the best controller player they’ve seen on a console just because I’m playing with plat I’s and diamonds. On a console 🤦🏽‍♂️


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