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Question I am a new twitch streamer and I am having trouble!!

I am having trouble growing my twitch channel and it discourages me only having 1 or 2 watching what do I do??

NightmareBeast2 1year 190 read


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Branch out! Invite people! Do you have Instagram, Twitter, discord, etc? "Advertise" your channel on there! Stream often but not too often, keep a schedule! Make it interesting! Involve your viewers/followers, interact with them! There's plenty to do! I believe you can do it. Plus it just takes time, trust me. And have good internet, no one wants to watch a laggy/blurry stream. They want quality, and good content. 🙂

War Ravenn Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Dm me im Twitch affiliate i can help, also if you interested to join our community in discord

SpeckzyGFX Beginner 1year 1 Selected Score

You have to advertise, back when I started my GFX I had maybe one client a week and it sucked then as I kept messaging people and doing deals and what not I ended up growing pretty big to the point where Dare, faze, north and many more were reaching out to me. I even had big companies come to me and ask to work with me so I started making a twitter header for 5$ and now I do one for close to 50$. You just have to keep grinding it’s always hard when you first start out but if you’re willing to grind it out you will soon get rewarded by doing so

MikuIsLiterallyMe Beginner 1year 8 Selected Score

People will watch a steam where people are already watching, numbers matter, you could do what the others said and advertise and invite friends, you can also take different accounts on different accounts and make those watch though that will eat up your internet (try Audio only) but it's a dirty method and you shouldn't do it

DAN13LLA_TTV Beginner 1year 1 Selected Score

My best answer is to go out onto the interwebs and find other gamers AND/OR to interact with people on Twitch on other streams. Don't reach for someone with 2,000 followers but maybe someone with 400 followers is a good start to befriend. Become a regular in steamers chat and I'm sure they will appreciate it, leading you to maybe one more follow or even a host/raid after their stream so they carry over their views to your channel. Also I'll give you a follow and try to watch when I can :)

j0kep0ke Candidate Master 1year 92 Selected Score

I will go on with the answer that cuddlest wrote

Blitcma Beginner 1year 0 Selected Score

Honestly a lot of people go months with only 1 viewer. Get your friends to help out and watch the stream. If you can get the numbers up a little youll start to gain more viewers

Ysm_chase30 Beginner 1year 0 Selected Score

Shoutout your twitch on Facebook snap insta everything so people will add you. Hope this helps


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