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QuestionDo you think games like Fortnite should have client sided health ?

So say your fighting a guy and you win by 1hp and another guy comes along normally he’d kill you. But say if health was individual to each player then in this case for that player you killed it is 1hp but this new guy it’s back to 100.

Shaheer Mahmood 1mo 36 read


Shaheer Mahmood Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

@Alix Thank you for your concern however I have nothing to cry over unlike you I play for fun.

~Im Killua Candidate Master 1mo 80 Selected Score

Never hurt to try something new

Alix Thezombiehunter Beginner 1mo 15 Selected Score

Quit being a crybaby you lost deal with it

DabBoi x Beginner 1mo 24 Selected Score

Actually i dont know why i said that i just dont want it in the game cuz i dont get it

DabBoi x Beginner 1mo 24 Selected Score

No becuz it might be overpowered


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