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QuestionWell high ranks on console is nothing but MnK what’s the point of grinding just to play against that

Godly Sin 2mo 31 read


N4me Beginner 2mo 32 Selected Score
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Because usually it is pretty easy to beat a mouse and key (at least for me) you just need to not focus on the mnk part and just play the game. The main reason people lose games (I know from personal experience with a lot of my teammates) if they dwell on the fact that an enemy is good or on mnk, then they stop paying so much attention to the game and just on the enemy. It throws off their play quite a lot and the key is to literally not care. When I see a mouse n key, “o well, just more bragging rights when I win” When my team sees it, “wow mnk cheating reported how scummy can you be?” And we take the L just because they don’t realize that it’s not that hard to beat a mnk, just play well...

Mr.doodoohead Beginner 2mo 13 Selected Score

They say that there are more problems on PC with all the hacker or and modder but we console player have it much more harder then them 6/10 times I play against a mk

Godly Sin Beginner 2mo 2 Selected Score

Yea u right not all diamonds and champs are mnk but it’s disgusting that players feel so good to play against joysticks

Kiru Chan Beginner 2mo 4 Selected Score

Lmao, i dont play in console so... MnK all the time, i mean... i know in console its cheating but im sure not all the plats, diamonds are MnK

MakaylaLovesYa Beginner 2mo 8 Selected Score

Get mnk


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