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QuestionWhat’s one of your ways to practice?

Mine is to listen to up beat music and let my fingers to all the work

TwistInTheMix 8mo 91 read


drawing rekke Beginner 8mo 1 Selected Score
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I practice by trying to counter (not down+B)and time the enemies movement and see what my opponent only knows, for example if i only see Gannon trying to Doiyaa!! Me i try to dough behind him and hit him and keep him away (this practice helps me out with any character i love to play with)

HM05 Useless Beginner 4mo 2 Selected Score

Level 9 cpu on tournament legal stages or battle field on all no items 3 stock and 7 minutes

Ls_Winter Beginner 8mo 2 Selected Score

Putting a lvl 9 cpu, 2 cpus if I feel like more intense training

Raze Van Alias Candidate Master 8mo 86 Selected Score

Just do it

Dylan PlayzGames Beginner 8mo 5 Selected Score

I train by playing on the lowest difficulty, I think I might go to level to in 2 weeks

Doom Slayer Himself Beginner 8mo 0 Selected Score

Training is the easiest way

Mist3k Bu Beginner 8mo 0 Selected Score

Just play the game


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