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How important do you think is KD in rainbow six siege?

Scorpio_ 1mo 19 read


Kaebar Candidate Master 1mo 57 Selected Score
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Pretty important. If you're diamond with a .7 kd youre carried. But if your gold with a 1.4 kd you're good.

Pizzy Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Is a 1KD good?

N4me Beginner 1mo 32 Selected Score

More important than W/L

Bjarke Beginner 1mo 9 Selected Score

KD dosent mater it is all about how good you play with your team and how much you support the team it has nothing to do with the kills

Ohhlucifer Moot Master 1mo 204 Selected Score

Personally I think it’s important it shows your consistent :) I’m a plat 2 with a 1.2 going up atm


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