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QuestionWouldn't it be cool

Since we've got dark souls,bloodbourne as well as sekiro which is like a Japanese themed, wouldn't it be cool if there was a futuristic, or semi-futuristic mix with medieval version of dark souls, or maybe one where the whole premise is to escape a lucid dream of yours where the world is randomly generated(including the boss Chambers) maybe the items/chests will be on the same level but because the layout changes each time you die then it'll be a game of hide and seek which will also add to the amount of frustration from losing said items and the world would look like something out of a Junji Ito horror manga, what are your thoughts? Do you have any other great ideas? Let me know!!!!

Imura~ 7mo 144 read


Unkindled Paleblood Beginner 4mo 2 Selected Score

You just described the utter mind fuck from soft has been looking for

love_you Beginner 7mo 21 Selected Score

Sounds like a fever dream! Randomly generated story-futuristic-Dark-Souls-Roguelike game. Levels change as you explore. Tbh you mentioning manga and this idea, would be cool if Berserk got a game and how the world changes in the story would reflect in-game once it happens. I know some games have done that as it's an aspect of time changing.

Goldendannyv Beginner 7mo 6 Selected Score

How bout something based on some people tryin to mess with time or something


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