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QuestionWhat weapon do you like and why

Mine is the saw cleaver because I'm not a fan of big weapons and I dont really like the threaded cane. (This is in my current playthrough and I have not finished the game, I'm currently on blood-starved beast)

Ghost man 6mo 115 read


Mortrend Beginner 6mo 1 Selected Score
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Kirkhammer for the stunlock

Godlikegamer Beginner 7d 2 Selected Score

Holy Moonlight Sword because of arcane attacks if I don’t want to get close I can just use a ranged arcane attack

Jake_Vondoom Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Church pick for its trust damage

Plop Beginner 4mo 9 Selected Score

Cane cause of range and swag, Kirkhammer cause of pure bulk

MrSmhooplez Beginner 5mo 0 Selected Score

Whirligig Saw, hands down one of the best for stun lock and damage.

Demongrel Beginner 6mo 7 Selected Score


LxckRx Beginner 6mo 4 Selected Score

M870, because its an banger of a shotty.

General Bee Beginner 6mo 2 Selected Score



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