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QuestionWho is your favorite hero ultimate

Who is your favorite hero ultimate and why? How is it helpful to your team or yourself looking forward to the answers

Flame_Unicorn 1mo 51 read


Bunny❥ Beginner 16d 0 Selected Score

transcendence or reapers blossom would be my choice.  

TXO rEZzing Beginner 17d 1 Selected Score

I enjoy transcendence

M1n1p3kkA Beginner 22d 0 Selected Score

I would say grav or shatter as wins teams fights easily if you play it right and be patient. But both are easily countered at the same time.

Coolkid1101 Beginner 24d 3 Selected Score


The_kelleher Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Tho I'm a rhin luico main grav and nano are the best in my book by far

Flame_Unicorn Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Mine is Lucio's beat as it is able to deny most ults and plus he is a fun character to play


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