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QuestionWhat rank are u

Ublewjettt 7d 48 read


EGO Beginner 11h 1 Selected Score

Siver 3 i got to gold 4 ing season 5 split 2

Sweaty Bills Beginner 2d 0 Selected Score

Plat 1 befor the split happened

ghostmly Beginner 2d 0 Selected Score

silver 1 last split since i didnt play ranked often

Tuff CookieJr Beginner 3d 0 Selected Score


PandaCat Beginner 4d 0 Selected Score

Plat before the split

Oracle_Ivy Beginner 5d 0 Selected Score

Plat 4

zHammy72 Beginner 5d 1 Selected Score

Bronze 3 😂

cirquit Beginner 6d 0 Selected Score


ikonikprodigy Beginner 6d 0 Selected Score

Gold 2

Firelight Beginner 6d 0 Selected Score

My highest rank ever was Platinum 4. I could never get to Platinum 3 no matter how hard I try. I always end up losing more points than I gain eventually and at that point I'm back to the beginning. So glad there is a Tier Demotion Protection lol.

Ivotique_Pain Beginner 7d 1 Selected Score

The higher ranked I went was gold 3


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