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QuestionWhick Apex legend is Needed for the Map olympus in ranked?

Think about it, they are a meta character right now and the map itself is very open, there is also a character that is very good in both olympus and worlds edge, do we know who that character is?

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I can imagine a couple of people that fit under these conditions. There’s like 5I can imagine; Obviously though we have Gibby. Just overall strong character since he has an invincible dome shield. There’s other though I can imagine being good, but not good on the other map. Like Octane and Pathfinder. I have been having fun running both on the same team since their ults are fast and I just like running. Then we also have Crypto and wraith. Crypto is strong but needs cover on this map badly, but can do more with his EMP since the map is open and there’s less cover. Wraith is strong since she can vanish, but I do know she’s getting a nerf.

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On the new Olympus map , I’d play, caustic, GIBBY, bloodhound, lifeline, chappi. Bangalore. And Horizon. And if you really want to, Mirage, and Wattson. Those are the best characters in my opinion

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