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Who is down to be my friend group for my twitch because I’m always alone with no one to talk to ?

The_Lunattiic 2mo 83 read


Aq_AlfaDawg9er9er Beginner 1mo 10 Selected Score

sure i'm grinding to affiliate rn and it gets lonely

UseCodeFrosty#ad Beginner 2mo 0 Selected Score

Anyone down to be in my streams and have all bit of fun when I do go live?

Gamer Girl Kiera Beginner 2mo 0 Selected Score

im down

Koko ayb Beginner 2mo 1 Selected Score

I'm down

Jabuu1234 Beginner 2mo 2 Selected Score

I can follow you I cant guarentee I will always be there because i have a busy life


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