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QuestionIf you were a Pokemon gym leader.....

If you were a gym leader, what type of gym, what region, what would the theme of your gym be, what would your team look like, and who would your Ace be?

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Sir ShinesALot Beginner 1mo 2 Selected Score
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If I was a Pokémon gym leader I would be a fire type gym leader from the Galarian Region. (So that I can dynamax) I would’ve replaced Kabu but I would also be the final gym. My gym puzzle would be a cook off where the challenger would need to cook curry against 2 of my gym trainers. If the challenger ranks higher then they will double battle the gym trainers with both of their starting Pokémon being burned. If the challenger loses then both of their starting Pokémon get burned. (This will happen 3 times with the gym trainers getting harder each time. While fighting me the theme that would play would be “Inferno” from the anime “Fire Force.” Lastly my team would be comprised of Turtonator, Ninetales, Arcanine, Salazzle, Heatmor, and my ace G-max Cinderace.

Gen5er Beginner 3d 7 Selected Score

Dragon( my favorite type ),Unova ( my starting region ) I would replace drayden as the final gym leader my team would be Hydreigon lvl 64 Flygon lvl 62 Druddigon lvl 63 Salamence lvl 60 Dragonite lvl 65 And my ace Haxorus lvl 66 I know its over level but I would be the last gym leader and the puzzle will be exactly the same And for the over leveling zweilous evolves into hydreigon at lvl 64 so yeah

Kemosabi Gambostino Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

I choose ghost type in galar, ans the line up will be spiritomb, Gmax gengar, banette, mimikyu and aegislash.

Stickyboi Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

I would be a dark type in gym in sinnoh replacing volkner and the puzzle would be a replica of the distortion world but as a more confusing maze My team would be: LV: 46 houndoom LV: 46 drapion LV: 48 weavile LV: 50 shiny umbreon ( Has to be shiny)

General Bee Beginner 1mo 2 Selected Score

Ghost. Galar Trevenant Cursola Gmax Gengar Aegislash Sableye Mimikyu.

Boomerangz Candidate Master 1mo 43 Selected Score

If I was a gym leader the gym would be a fighting type gym in the sinnoh region. My gym theme will be Thunderstruck by AC/DC. My team will consist of The Flash, Captain America, Batman and Spider-Man. Who needs Pokémon when you have the boys by your side fighting with you.

BricksTV Beginner 1mo 1 Selected Score

dragon or ice region would be Kalos .the theme would be to listen to music and then to remember certain parts and then to pick the right one team would be garchomp(mega) flygon and tyranium the ace is obviously garchomp ice team would be abomasnow(mega) vanilluxe and beartic ace is ofcourse abomasnow

Odour Beginner 1mo 4 Selected Score

My team will be based on double battles and will focus on 2 types Flying And Ground Kind of like how Raihan has other types to make the weather and the rest is his main type ( it will be like Tate and Liza’s gym with only 2 Pokemon ) . The mains will be Altaria and garchomp.( edit : the region will be unova and will take over Brycen’s ice gym ). The theme will be that two people will look similar but one will have a band on them , they will soon take of the band and then shuffle around with the other(s).You will have to guess or memorise which was the one with the band . If you get it wrong you fight a trainer with your stats lowered getting it right results in fighting with your stats strengthened. The more you get wrong the more harder it gets. ( edit 2 : it will be randomised if altaria or garchomp is the one to mega )

XxScourgexX Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

The region would be Kanto of course, dragon type and dragon themed gym. My ace would be Tyrantrum, while I had Dragonair, Gabite, and Bagon as my team lineup.

яυѕтуѕρσση Candidate Master 1mo 80 Selected Score

I wish I could answer this Questions , As It does sound interesting, But is it bad that I’ve never played the game? 🤨


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