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QuestionWamai or smoke

Been playing both. Which ones better and what’s their best loadout?😇

W4FFLETW 13d 34 read


DemoLinix Beginner 7d 0 Selected Score

Smoke :P

N3OTinyTaco Beginner 9d 0 Selected Score


rxptor Beginner 12d 0 Selected Score


Legochini Moot Master 12d 221 Selected Score

Well non ofem are better than other but both are god in right hands Best Loadout for smoke shotgun and smg11 For wamai in my opinion mp12 and raino

Bossbruvs Beginner 13d 0 Selected Score

Wamai, smoke is just really bad

Crazyl_uke Beginner 13d 2 Selected Score

Wamai because his utility and gun is what I’d prefer over than smoke

Spetsnazmain15 Beginner 13d 9 Selected Score

Wamai cause is a jäger that triggers the nades it catches


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