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QuestionIs Overwatch a DEAD Game?

Is overwatch a dead game?

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Not dead, not alive

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Not at all. A dead game refers to a game without a player base. Overwatch still has lots of people playing it. The queue times are relatively quick and there are lots of people still playing.

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Its in a Schroedinger state

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In terms of streaming/ccs, yes. A lot of people have moved on from it. In general, nope. Queues are as quick as 20 seconds (Xbox, support main lmao) and it’s still pretty fun. Does need some better updates tho :/

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Hell naw

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No it's still a good game I guess... no it's more dead than fortnie and that's as dead as the dinosaurs.

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Imo yes, only because its not as alive as it use to be, a lot of the streamers stopped streaming and players moved to other games.

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