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QuestionWhat's one thing you need to improve on that would help you get better? (Overwatch)

For me, I really need to work on my positioning. As someone who plays ana/mercy I need to be better at not being out in the open, hugging walls and using the environmental would help me out an incredible amount. I also need to improve my awareness on where my team is, specifically my other support so I can receive healing and give healing to those that are proactively in battle.

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Plop Beginner 23d 10 Selected Score

I need to get better dps players lol. But seriously my positioning is meh and my aim could use some work as well. Tracking shots can be hard sometimes.

DaveTRG Beginner 23d 5 Selected Score

My aim and my positioning as weel , im always really scraed that i will die and fall back , i play often as a tank btw and we lose the point because of that one error i made , so yeah , its pretty bad , but I no longer play that much overwatch sadly , i play valorant now , it’s a really fun game tbh


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