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QuestionGame suggestions?

18 year old girl, already play cod and gta. What other games would you suggest. Xx

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Depends on what you're into. If you are into more skill/strategy based games then Fortnite or cod. If you're looking for more of an open world then maybe Skyrim, borderlands, or Far Cry (3 or 4). If you want something scary then resident evil biohazard or the forest are some good ones. If you want to play with friends then probably minecraft or castle crashers lol.

Double Lobotomy Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

I would recommend Rainbow 6 Siege. As a CoD player I do enjoy shooting people in a fast paced game, but sometimes it does get annoying. And since CoD removed special operator powers from BO4 you never really get a different experience with each operator. Rainbow 6 Siege (r6) is a stealth, tactical game. You either have to secure one hardpoint, free a hostage, or defuse a bomb as an Attacker. Or, if you’re a defender, you have to protect the hostage, make sure they don’t secure a hardpoint, or don’t let them diffuse the bomb. Each one is a different gamemode which can always be won by eliminating the enemy team (that usually happens), which means you don’t usually have to free a hostage. But if you do, it’s good to have a powerful secondary weapon. Each operator has a special power with specific guns. There are different kinds of operators that I base off of their price. (All operators can be unlocked with the ingame currency known as ‘renown’) The cheaper operators are what I call the 5’s. These operators are the cheapest, and the most classic operators in the game (every 5 can be unlocked in the starters edition of R6). There are certain operator skins known as the Elite Sets which can be unlocked with r6 credits (another ingame currency) which can only be bought with money. The Elite Sets include 1 Operator skin, gun skins that are included with the operator (some operators have one of the same guns which you can also apply the skin for), 1 chibi of the Elite operator skins, and an animation that plays if you win a game and get MVP. Also, it’s a first person shooter. That’s all I can think of right now, hope it helps.

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Horizon zero dawn, it’s a story mode game with action and it features a girl, I liked it so you might like it too

Taiyō Beginner 4mo 2 Selected Score

Def get into overwatch it’s one of the first few games I played and I love it

Timmy EBH Beginner 4mo 5 Selected Score

Hello kitty online adventure

Buranga21 Beginner 4mo 0 Selected Score

R6 OW Minecraft myb Fortnite

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R6S, Forza, Resident Evil and Battlefield

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I'd recomend r6. You can se it as search and destroy but with a big twist. I enjoy r6 more than cod

CrypticKai Moot Master 4mo 167 Selected Score

What Mega Matt said. Siege is a great game, but it doesn’t appeal to other people since the game doesn’t have aim assist in multiplayer. There’s also the 1-shot headshot mechanic which people get frustrated easily with.

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Maybe rainbow six siege. It's a first person shooter with two teams of five


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