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So do you think crossplay will be a good idea to add to r6. And the ability to choose who you can play with. Like only Xbox to ps4. Or ps4 to pc. Or none at all

Wolfepup1 1mo 64 read


Fiphan Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

In my opinion cross-play between PC and PS4 would be so unfair. I can imagine so many 9 years old kids saying: “OMG, that guy is cheating”, just because he has MnK and can do good flicks. I would make cross-play only between PS4 and Xbox. BUT I would love, if they add cross-proggresion. I miss my skins and operators on PS4.

YaBoyMeechYT Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

I mean theres no aim assist in rainbow and i mean it wouldnt be bad if they allowed console players to use keyboard and mouse and if battle eye was on console doing ban waves

Cocoa powder Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

I say only Xbox and ps4  

CrypticKai Moot Master 1mo 165 Selected Score

I have no idea If people know this about Console Siege, but there is not aim assist in MULTIPLAYER. There is only aim assist in terrorist-hunt and that’s it. For my point for cross-play, I would like to have it since it would be a nice change. A CEO of Ubisoft even said that he wanted to have cross-play in their games, like siege and For Honor. So they are working on a way for crossplay but Sony/Microsoft might not agree till awhile.

Legochini Moot Master 1mo 221 Selected Score

Oh sorry ma nad i read it cosplay but still no tnx controller aim assist is just unfair against accurate pc players

Legochini Moot Master 1mo 221 Selected Score

No tnx

Tobias Brink Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Would be nice Without hacking then yes !!!


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