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QuestionWorst operator on attacker and defender.

Name of the op and why? Ps: dont talk about one shot headshot stuff, i know lmao, im talking about the usefulness,gadget wise,guns, rotation, and overall performance for any situations, positive and negative, etc. U know what i mean. Dont answer if u are just gonna say, one bullet to ur head and ur dead.

DaAlpha 6d 74 read


Spoops Cryptic Moot Master 6d 159 Selected Score
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Since everybody that answered so far is pointing out good ops but saying they’re bad as in good. I’ll take a shot at this. Worst Attacker: Fuze. Only because he’s fairly vulnerable when placing it down and isn’t viable on half of sites. He’s more of a situational operator then a good one. His guns are good, his gadget is eh. Good secondary gadget. His drawback is his gadget. Worst defender: Frost. Her gadget is ok, but is easily countered via grenade, shooting, or other explosives. I didn’t name Warden nor Tachanka because both are getting buff/reworked. Her guns are lackluster and tend to be sad compared to other guns in the same category.

Aspxden Beginner 4d 0 Selected Score

Worst attacker is Glaz Worst defender is Warden (needs a better primary)

Legochini Moot Master 4d 218 Selected Score

Well some useful depend on ur play style and some are just not suited for you

Wisdu Beginner 5d 0 Selected Score

Attk- Glaz Def- ela

Saucy_Lettuce Beginner 5d 0 Selected Score

Defender-Lesion Attack-Monty

Wolfepup1 Beginner 5d 0 Selected Score

Right now glaz and probably clash with out any glitches

thesupersuit Beginner 6d 0 Selected Score

Honestly I would say glaz and warden or oryx. If I’m going to be honest, with oryx you will not get close enough to remah dash someone if they are even half good. He is ok at rotates, but he is vulnerable when he makes one before prep and he loses 5 health either way. Warden is the definition of a situational op, he is a counter to blitz sort of, he counters ying, and he counters glaz. But about glaz, you have to be still for so long someone could just spray and wreck you. It is nice he is getting a buff though, I’m not too sure if it will appeal to casual though.

Shade Dizzy Candidate Master 6d 42 Selected Score

Worst attacker is amaru or blackbeard, they're both as bad as each other. Neither gadget is good or does much to help the team Worst defender is tachanka (old tachanka since his rework is not fully released yet) since his gadget just leaves him really vulnerable and his secondary gadgets arent great

soggy_blankets Beginner 6d 0 Selected Score

ATTACKER: Dokeabi, she has a bad semi automatic rifle and she annoying. DEFENSE: Goyo, he does more for the opposite team than the defending.

itshowie_ Beginner 6d 0 Selected Score

dude the couple bullets decide if your dead or not especially the fact that the shield covers his head while peaking windows

BeanBoi Candidate Master 6d 84 Selected Score

Worst defender is clash. She may be op if you perfect the turn. But she is not fun and breaks the game cuz anyone can just keep their distance from the attacker and shock them to death. Worst attacker is blackbeard. His guns do pretty good damage, but his shields don't fend off anymore than a couple bullets.


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