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QuestionWhat’s the difference between a Heavy and a Light gun?

As you seen my title, I been playing Apex since it came out and I never know when the heavy takes more damage or the light gun? I know for a fact that the R 301 Carbine is a master and badass weapon but I’m still curious how many people use the heavy more or the light weapon again.

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Heavy guns are stronger than light guns but shoot slower

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Lmao light bullets when being shot at while sliding it won’t affect you but if you get shot at with a heavy gun while sliding it’ll stop you from sliding you unless your playing Gibby or caustic because they have the fortified perk

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The bullet dmg, fire rate, clip size, recoil, the heavy has low fire rate, clip size but higher dmg, goes with the light but other way around

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Heavy ammo based guns do more damage and the bullet drop is more than light ammo guns. Light ammo weapons are ment for close quarters spray and pray. They do less damage but make up for it in fire rate

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The selected person is actually wrong. For example, a heavy weapon that is faster than a light weapon is the prowler to the R301. The R301 has a rpm of 720, while the prowler had a rpm of 800. The main difference between both light and heavy is that heavy guns use heavy bullets, while light guns use light bullets. It’s basically like a simpler version of types of bullets like 7.62 and .45 acp. Majority of heavy guns have slow rpm but not all do. You can say that the prowler is a smg and the R301 is an assault rifle so that’s why the prowler is faster. To contradict that statement, you can compare the Alternator (LG) and the prowler (HG). Both are smgs and use different ammo. The alternator has a rpm of 640, and Prowler has a rpm of 800. Still, the prowler is faster.

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