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QuestionWhat is the most used material in minecraft no wood

The tools are the ones you should focus on still no wood its going to be either stone, diamond, gold, or iron

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Doow but spelt backwards

SnipedDomino Beginner 18h 0 Selected Score

Cobblestone or wooden planks

CookieCamera Beginner 21h 0 Selected Score

I think nethermite.

plantbob Beginner 3d 2 Selected Score

planks lol

Hexglassinhand Beginner 4d 1 Selected Score

Cobble and coal

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I feel it kinda depends on if its a server or single player but lets say its single player, id prob say stone, stone is used for so much especially in the early game. But ofc all of the other materials r prob better im just thinking that u can craft more than just tools w stone.

Gothombatman280 Beginner 6d 2 Selected Score

If you’re taking servers into account then I would happen shoes diamond in bed rock

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Cobble stone or stone

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