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Questionworst killer?

what is the worst killer to learn how to play? this is to help new players like me :(

xLegendx2 1mo 73 read


Hexglassinhand Beginner 1mo 1 Selected Score
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I think it's death slinger he has bad perks a small hitbox for his power and Is easy to counter he's just ahh play huntress shes way better and easier to play she also has map pressure unlike death slinger

I like icecream Beginner 14d 0 Selected Score

There is alot to choose from but I would say plague peaple know how to counter her by not cleansing so your basically an m1 killer the only map pressure you apply is your heart beat cause once someone is sick there just not gonna cleanse

Shadowkeeper123 Beginner 15d 0 Selected Score

huntress i cant hit a shot

Ghost Face Beginner 22d 0 Selected Score

Trapper doesn't apply enough pressure with his power and is very perk and map reliant, your best bet to start with a killer is The Cannibal as he applies downs with his chainsaw and also has one of the strongest perks in the game known as "Barbecue and Chili". He's a good start point and getting BBQ as a teachable is a need when it comes to other killer. Check out Dowsey on YT on his Beginner killer builds, they're very helpful.

VapidRein17 Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

Its clown by far. His perks are good but his abilities are horrible.

BreyYarger Beginner 1mo 6 Selected Score

I’m not too good myself but ima say the hag

Fortb0mb YT Beginner 1mo 0 Selected Score

My brother


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