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QuestionWho has twitch?

Im willing to drop a follow for yall

DarkMaTTer 21d 76 read


Jabuu1234 Beginner 9d 0 Selected Score

I have a friend who has twitch n his name is scuffedlegend69

AlfaDawg9er9er Beginner 15d 10 Selected Score

I'm trying to grow mine www.twitch.tv/TTV_AlfaDawg9er9er  

Tony Likes Your Cut Beginner 19d 3 Selected Score
Matthew Alvarez Beginner 19d 0 Selected Score

Me and i use it and steam on bn it as well.

mii Beginner 19d 2 Selected Score

I do! Want to support each other?

HoldMyBullets Beginner 20d 0 Selected Score


bambi Beginner 20d 0 Selected Score

i have, though i rarely use it

TheTrueDestroyer Beginner 21d 0 Selected Score

Yo! I got a twitch, care free to drop a follow at https://www.twitch.tv/thetruedestroyer

I stream minecraft, rocket leauge, fortnite etc!

Kiwigapawa Beginner 21d 5 Selected Score

Totally not me...at all (I could use some support and I do support others as much as I can)

Kidd isshoes Beginner 21d 0 Selected Score

I stream on there sometimes, I would love it if you guys can support my channel @kiddisshoes

Parallel_jakeTTV Beginner 21d 0 Selected Score


MattIsCynical Beginner 21d 2 Selected Score

Not anymore, still thanks though


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